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Yay another article describing social anxiety disorder as a made up illness. I really wish people who say things like that had to deal with a mental illness for just a week and see how they like it. Yes there may be a lot of antidepressant prescriptions in this country, that doesn’t mean that we suffer any less now that more people are being treated instead of suffering in silence.

If they really think “normality” is starving yourself because you’re too afraid to go into a kitchen full of people and wanting to kill yourself because you’ve spent over a decade without friends, then I don’t know what to say. They are more fucked in the head than I am.

5 thoughts on “Media Coverage

  1. I kind of understand a point of the article. I think really, ‘normal’ is so broad that people have all kinds of problems that are classed as diseases because they want to classify people. So almost anything can be classed as a problem, and it might be mild or it might be severe. Maybe what the article should be saying is that we need to re-educate people as to what is ‘normal’ i.e problems are normal. But I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon. People can be so small-minded.


  2. Ruby Tuesday

    i don’t think that article is saying that the conditions are made up, rather that they reflect the time that they occur in. With pharmaceutical companies having so much power, there is a tendancy to over pathologise things – saying something is an illness means that you can tempt people to see drugs as a solution … which equals more money for the companies.


  3. Ruby Tuesday

    No. What I mean is that the problems are there, (e.g social anxiety, depression, PMT etc) but that maybe pharmaceutical companies overmedicalise them so that drug treatments seem like the best option. Whilst I think that painkillers for a headache makes sense, most problems that involve mental health need also to address the ‘mental’ part of that.

    I am not very good at communicating my view on this, but please know that it’s certainly not that people with mental health problems – including social anxiety – are making them up. (for starters, it would be bloody hypocritical of me! 🙂 ) In my opinion, shyness is ‘normal’, social anxiety is more complicated than that, it has a more significant impact on a person’s life.


  4. Sorry, I didn’t mean to be aggressive. I agree with you, and I honestly don’t think ADs are going to help me at all. I want some kind of therapy, but fate seems determined to strip it from my grasp every time I get close.

    I just hate the scientology-esque attitude that seems to be brewing, that all mental illness is a result of people being “weak” and trivialising things like depression as just being sad etc.

    I get highly annoyed with these type of articles and the responses they generate, especially one a while back that ranted on about why we are treating shyness as an illness (referring to SA) and the terms were used interchangeably.

    There is simply no other thing which has affected my life even 10% as much as SA and I’ve seriously reached the point where I don’t want to live any more. I’m not an emo teenager, I have a lethal cocktail in my cupboard and I went to the bridge and cried into the barrier they have erected to stop people from jumping. You wouldn’t tell someone with a broken leg to grin and bear it, I’d gladly trade my collection of mentalness for a broken bone.


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