Applying to uni late


I didn’t decide to go back to university until very late in the application process, the start of May, so consequently I’ve had a bit of a rush on trying to get everything sorted. The biggest delay was waiting for my damn college tutor to write me a reference which took a whole month! (and looks like he wrote it in about 5 minutes during a coffee break). 

The main problem I’m facing now is to do with accommodation. I only just got my UCAS welcome letter with my password to check which universities have made me an offer. Because of this, I’m not able to book any accommodation yet since I don’t know whether I’ll get into my first choice and I don’t have the right login details etc. 

I’ve seen on the message boards for the second choice uni (that I know I have the grades to get into, the other one is a bit precarious) that all the halls are fully booked now, so I don’t know what I’m going to do if I end up having to go there. I put so much thought into moving out and I’d be massively disappointed if I have to stay at home for another year now. I really wanted to make a new start and change things in my life since I’ve been stagnating at home for so long. I just hope I get an offer soon so I can make the next step.