The Night Before


Tonight is the last night that I will sleep in my bed, in this house where I have been since 1991. I have no idea how long I’ll last at university, maybe only a matter of days, but tomorrow I will be there. Obviously I am nervous, most people in this situation would be, let alone those with anxiety but I’m not in full on panic mode. Hopefully this will last long enough for me to get some sleep, though I’m not counting on it.

My first anxious thought about things is to do with the amount of stuff I’m taking. It seems like I have an awful lot of boxes and bags, although I have only got the essential stuff (we need to take all of our own kitchen stuff like pots, pans, plates, cutlery etc) and clothes, a few books and my laptop. I don’t want people to laugh at me for bringing huge amounts or to make fun of the stuff I have 😦 

I have more to write but I can’t concentrate very well at the moment. I may write more later on.