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Prescription Charges


From the BBC

Doctors’ leaders have called on the government to abolish prescription charges for all patients in England.

…Prescriptions are free for everyone in Wales, will be free in Northern Ireland by 2010 and in Scotland by 2011.

Dr Richard Vautrey … said: “It’s not unusual for patients to ask me which prescription is really important, which one can they get now and which one they have to wait maybe two weeks before they get their pay cheque.”

This would be good news for me. As a student I only have limited funds and almost all of my loan goes on accommodation. I have about £20 a week for food so £7.10 is a lot to pay for a prescription. Let’s hope it get’s done soon. I also noticed that Scotland is already ahead of us on this just like with the smoking ban. I think they do a much better job of sorting things out up there.