Trying to feel better


I got to spend time with my sister today, I feel better having someone around to talk to and we got out of the house for a bit. It’s easier to keep my mind off troubling things when I have someone to talk to, it’s just hard because there are so few people I can talk to comfortably. The bad feelings have faded for a while, I hope for longer than they did last time. I’m trying to think of constructive things to do and Penny’s post about volunteering has inspired me to look into it again. I was considering volunteering somewhere before I went to university but if you read my blog back then, you might remember I went through a similar crisis around that time so couldn’t really arrange anything. I’m going to make myself read through a chapter of the social anxiety book again and try to ignore the defeatist thoughts I often have about it when I get back to uni tonight.

Thank you to everyone who sent me kind messages when I was feeling so low, it may not seem like much but it really does help to know someone is out there reading and cares enough to write.