One thought on “Apologies

  1. fluffy

    Hi , sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been facing. It sounds like you are stuck in a loop and need to break out of it. When we are stuck in ‘victim’ mode it can be hard to see ourselves any differently than someone who can’t cope and is punished by the world, but there is a different way of being that you can work towards embracing, which is not being a victim any longer. You say that you feel pointless expressing your negative thoughts about yourself (which are totally inaccurate I hasten to add) but this is exactly what you need to do with a trained, registered counsellor who can help you to start to look at yourself and your life in a different way, or a close trusted friend. Can you even envision how you would like your life to be? ‘A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step’.

    You say that your family make comments which make you feel worthless, yet you seem to play this down? Why are you playing this down? I would look closely at your relationship with your family and look at possibly having some space from them because is their negativity really supporting you to be who you want to be? I doubt it. Every child is born happy and full of potential, what has happened to that child inside? Perhaps it is time for you to break free and start your journey of healing but only you will know when you are ready to step free of being a victim. All the best on your journey.


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