Award Nomination


Just a quick update to say that I got an email from Arlin Cuncic from to say that my site has been chosen as a finalist in their Best SAD Website readers poll! If you would like to vote me, the link is here

Thanks Arlin and any readers who nominated me 🙂


2 thoughts on “Award Nomination

  1. Juni

    Hello to you! We are two girls in high scool who are working on a psycology project. Our task is to write a scientific rapport about social anxiety, so therefor we are trying to do our best to find out more about it. We have made a question paper and would REALLY appreciate if you could take the time to answer these questions. No need to mention name or anything like that, but answer the questions as good as you can. If you have time to do this, THANK YOU soo much.

    Good luck with everything, all the best.

    Here are the questions:

    When did you notice any signs of social anxiety?

    How do you feel going to school/work?

    What consequences does the anxiety bring in social situations?

    How do you feel when you meet people outside? E.g going to the grocery store, taking the buss, if you are shopping….

    How does the anxiety affect you if you are participating in large assemblies with people? E.g staff meetings, weddings, school arrangements, birthdays….

    How does the anxiety influence your social life with friends?

    How does the anxiety hit if you are in a situation where you have to/can meet new people?

    How does the anxiety influence your daily life in general?


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