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Quite a few people find this blog by searching for a question on Google or wherever and I thought I should perhaps address a few of them. Sometimes I feel really bad because I present what is probably the worst example of how a person with social anxiety disorder behaves and I don’t want anyone looking it up to think they will turn out like me :S

Ok here’s some answers:

should i write my psychologist a letter

is it weird to send a letter to your psychologist?

Yes I think that it can help to write things down, especially if you have trouble talking or remembering what you meant to say like I do.

why do i think i am the only person who has social phobia

I used to feel this way too, but you definitely aren’t the only one. Have a look at the links on the right hand side and you can find out a lot more about social anxiety and other people’s experiences.

i’ve turned into a weirdo from bullying

I am the same way. I think I used to be an OK person before I started being bullied and now I honestly don’t like what I’ve become. I suppose it’s never too late to start trying to make changes in your life.

i’ve got this little thing that i’ve learned to do lately. when it gets so bad and i think i can’t go on, i try to make it worse. and when i’m certain that i can’t stand it, i go one moment more. and then i know i can bear anything. would you like to help me? come dance with me then.

I’m not sure what to make of this one. Sorry, I don’t dance…


One thought on “Some Quick Answers

  1. Barbara L

    I completely understand what you are going through and I struggle interacting with others as well. Ever time I am forced to go to a social event, I am overcome with anxiety that I feel lightheaded and dizzy. I am trying to help myself not be so awkward at social events and I am finding websites like to be helpful in making and keeping a conversation with someone. I definitely recommend you take a look!


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