Bullied Girl Falls to Death


Via BBC News

A vicar’s daughter was so frightened of bullying by two teenage girls that she fell to her death from a window to escape their abuse

Verbal and psychological bullying can be just as hurtful and have as serious consequences as physical bullying 😦

3 thoughts on “Bullied Girl Falls to Death

  1. John Morris

    Psychological bullying can be even more pernicious is some ways, as physical bullying can leave physical signs of suffering that can alert others more readily to the problem, while psychological bullying can be more deeply hidden from view inside. I hope those girls who did this are strongly punished as an example that such persecution must not be tolerated.


  2. That’s true, John. People can suffer in silence for years and have their lives ruined. I know what it’s like to have even mild bullying over a long period of time and goodness knows it’s fucked me up.


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