Updated the site to the latest version of WordPress and the theme I use. Let me know if there are any problems. Also checked my analytics and I’m still getting quite a lot of hits even though I haven’t really been in a posting mood lately.

I wish more people would take a look at my sponsors though, hopefully the links at the top will be of some use to my readers and will help me fund this site (hint hint).

If anyone knows of some other good books I should promote, please leave a comment 🙂

Also I started a new twitter account, click the button on the left to follow me! Wanted to keep my blog and personal one separate.


4 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Hi. Things aren’t going well unfortunately. I’ve done something reckless that I should probably regret but I don’t. I’d put my odds of offing myself by the end of the year at 1/3 on. Don’t think you’ll get that down at ladbrookes though.


  2. Richard

    Hi. I can’t quite believe how similar your thoughts and circumstances are to my own, even down to some of the details. Short of the suicidal ideas (which I have but have never really taken seriously), it’s scary. I’ve never been diagnosed or gone for treatment, but maybe I should. It’s only recently that I’ve seen this is something that has a name. Up until now, I just figured I was a total failure as a person. I feel so lonely, but there are people around me. How does that work? I hope you’re OK man.


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