Psych Appointment


I have the first of my stop-gap psychologist appointments for while I’m back home over the summer today. I really don’t know what to do, I’m an accomplished enough at hiding the truth about how I feel that I could get away without saying anything. The alternative would probably be undesirable. I don’t want to deal with the crisis team again. I can’t have them coming to my house and still be able to tell my mum that I’m ok. She’ll start crying again and wanting to come up with a magic quick fix and just flat out tell me that I’m wrong about myself. She has no idea.

5 pills in. 12 hours left until dosing time.


6 thoughts on “Psych Appointment

  1. Anon

    Don’t do it man, you can still make it you’ve still got a chance. Aren’t there any social skills training courses or something you could discuss with your psychologist at the appointment? There really should be such courses provided, and if they don’t exist then they should be created. Stay strong and don’t go doing anything dangerous.


  2. Anonymous

    Be careful what you say, you don’t want to end up committed. Before you make any final decisions just make sure everything is on your terms and you’ve left letters etc or said everything you ever wanted to say to certain people. If pills is the way your going to go about it, make sure you know what your doing because you can end up with one hell of a stomach ache if things go wrong. I actually had a debate earlier with someone about what is the point of prolonging suffering? The counter argument to that was that the future might bring something unexpected or something that would significantly change things for me. The future which is vastly unpredictable is not enough to change my feelings about wanting to die and that suicide isn’t a bad choice for some people. Whatever you choose, know that you have at least one other person in the world who isn’t going to think negatively of your choice, and that knows what depths of despair you have to endure thinking about the exhausting task that is living everyday. Hope whatever you’ve decided is going how you planned.


  3. Please Nick, phone up your CMHT crisis line or something. I know its hard, but please try, thrash around and annoy everyone until you get the help you think you need, its far better to piss everyone else up than to take the steps you have been planning. Please Nick. Hannah X


  4. Hannah

    Oh Nick, I’m so glad you’ve stopped. But please tell someone about how you’re feeling at the moment and what you were planning to do. At least try and get help for this, please.


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