Sorry I haven’t written in ages, I’ve been off uni and am now back after two weeks. I had/have got tons of work to do before the 7th of May so probably won’t be updating much between now and then.

I finally ditched the CMHT in Nottingham after seeing the 4th psychiatrist since I started there and am fully transferred over to Lincoln now. Got an appointment with a CPN in early May so I’m hoping something good comes of that. I’m glad to have crisis out of my hair for a while, they are pretty useless although I’m partly to blame since it takes me so long to be able to open up to someone and I can’t really explain the reality about my suicidal thoughts and feelings. The only person I think I managed to communicate them effectively to was the CBT woman at Nottingham who I won’t be able to see again 😦

Oh well, my mood is better than before, I’m glad that foul venlafaxine has got out of my system, not sure what good the seroxat/paroxetine is doing, but I can detect the tell tale signs that I got from citalopram are present. Seeing the Lincoln psych tomorrow, hoping he gives me a months script this time so I don’t end up paying twice as much. I filled an HC1 form in for assistance with prescription charges for people with low income, even if they only give me a couple of quid off I’d be happy. Seems ridiculous that you can get them for free if you are unemployed and claiming JSA but have to pay full price if you are a student. I have barely £20 a week, half of JSA to live on.


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  1. Hmmm yeah that is really stupid about the cost. I have missed catching up with you recently, feel like I haven’t been catching up with anyone online or doing much at all for that matter. Good luck with your work, I don’t blame you if you don’t post for a while. Tho to be honest, when I was revising I got loads of blogging done – great way to procrastinate hehe!


  2. Yeah it’s a bit much since I have a script for antidepressants and sleeping pills (which they’ll only write a weeks worth at a time for, don’t blame them though..) so £14.40. It’s a lot to me.

    I have missed reading people’s blogs and journals too, have been so busy with work and Easter holiday. I like having things to do though, keeps my mind occupied. Thanks for dropping by 🙂


  3. Hi, nice to see you back. Could you not ask your doctor about getting a monthy script but one that gets dispensed weekly or fortnightly? My doctor will only trust me with a week’s supply at a time so with a monthly script I just have to go to the chemist every week and only pay for the script once a week. It would cut down the cost!


  4. ron obvious

    can you send me a picture of yourself, you claim you are really ugly, but I bet you aren’t. I live in Ipswich so its not like I’m ever going to meet you anyway.


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