Psychiatrist Visit #49230


This one went ok, answered the usual questions yet again, haven’t had any particularly strong or vivid suicidal feelings this week so there was no time wasted with that. We agreed that I would switch to 75mg venlafaxine starting this weekend while I am off uni for Easter. Then next Saturday I will stop altogether and spend a few days med-free before starting on this particular guys shot at fixing me up (or least stopping me complaining): paroxeteine AKA Seroxat, Paxil.

Which will it be?

Which will it be?

Apparently it is effective for treating SA and depression, which sounds good in theory. I have heard horror stories about it’s withdrawals and increasing suicidal ideation (ha!) but I guess it’s worth a try. That image took way longer to make than it was worth, by the way. 

Only one more day to go until I go home for 2 weeks for Easter. I have mixed feelings about it. It’s strange to think there is a part of me that would rather stay here than go home for the whole time. Back in September I never would have thought that would be the case. I’ve come to appreciate my little bit of independence and especially privacy here, not to mention the city centre is within walking distance and doesn’t require a 30 minute bus journey among chavs and criminals. 

I’m in a fairly good mood today, managed to make dinner twice this week and have talked to my flatmates a bit. I also went to the post office twice to send some items I sold on eBay which required me to converse with the people at the counter so I think it’s been a reasonably successful week.


7 thoughts on “Psychiatrist Visit #49230

  1. Hi, kinda up and down at the moment. Got tons of work to do and I am feeling a bit weird coming off Venlafaxine. Not been too bad earlier in the week but had some bad feelings today unfortunately 😦


  2. I’m coming off my nortriptyline at the moment so I can certainly understand weird drug withdrawals! Hope you get through the work quickly. Tell your doctor about the bad feelings, it could be to do with coming off the venlafaxine maybe?


  3. I found your blog through La’s and I’m very glad I did. I relate so much to where your head is at, even if I’m not there now. I used to be. Goodness, did I ever.

    Anyway, I did have something vaguely useful to say as well which is that paroxetine was a godsend for me at that stage. It can be highly affective with deeply anhedonic states though, as you’re no doubt aware, it can take a while to help. It wasn’t a ‘fix’ for me but it did let some much needed air in, finally.

    p.s. Love the roulette wheel. Made me giggle.


  4. I hope you are coping alright with the withdrawals, Hannah ((hugs)). Unfortunately I won’t see any of my army of doctors for another week at least, but the bad feelings have subsided for now..

    Thank you Catatonic Kid 🙂 I will have a read through your blog in a bit too. I started paroxetine last night, this weekend has bee a funny one and I’ve probably been in my best mood for a while so fingers crossed it’ll continue or at least not get worse.


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