Taking a break


I feel like I’m going crazy, so many thoughts are swirling through my brain and I can’t keep my mind off the bad things. The pills are tempting me but I can’t go without writing a proper goodbye but I’m too tired and drained to do that.

I’m taking a break from writing here for a while until I can get a handle on things.

10 thoughts on “Taking a break

  1. Nick, hope you’re ok, well obviously you’re not ok, but keep hanging in there. Don’t let go ok?
    Don’t be tempted by the pills, I know it seems like a good solution but nothing can ever change if you do this, nothing can ever get better.


  2. Hey nick just found your blog for the first time, was really nice reading your posts and am really impressed with the blog 🙂 hope the break does you well and hope things get better soon. take care


  3. hey Nick

    glad to see ur still here. was actually coming to check in on you and i was pleasantly surprised to see you answering comments.

    keep hanging in there 🙂


  4. Ruby Tuesday

    I appreciate you commenting in my blog whilst things are difficult for you. I hope your break is helping … if not .. come back and natter with us! xx


  5. yeliz

    hi, to be honest you sound like a very intellegent person and no matter how it seems right now, trust me your not the only one because im going through it aswell im 21 and i really havent gotten anywhere in my life I have tryed going to college to persue my dreams but because of my social phobia i had to give it up. I really think we could help eachother, and I would really be pleased to hear from you my name is Yeliz Alciner search me in facebook then we can talk about it, I hope to hear from you soon and hope you see this message! x x x


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