Trying to feel better


I got to spend time with my sister today, I feel better having someone around to talk to and we got out of the house for a bit. It’s easier to keep my mind off troubling things when I have someone to talk to, it’s just hard because there are so few people I can talk to comfortably. The bad feelings have faded for a while, I hope for longer than they did last time. I’m trying to think of constructive things to do and Penny’s post about volunteering has inspired me to look into it again. I was considering volunteering somewhere before I went to university but if you read my blog back then, you might remember I went through a similar crisis around that time so couldn’t really arrange anything. I’m going to make myself read through a chapter of the social anxiety book again and try to ignore the defeatist thoughts I often have about it when I get back to uni tonight.

Thank you to everyone who sent me kind messages when I was feeling so low, it may not seem like much but it really does help to know someone is out there reading and cares enough to write.


3 thoughts on “Trying to feel better

  1. Hey Nick, sorry to read about how low you were feeling. Volunteering is a really positive step, but there will be times when you will question that. Just remember the overall goal 🙂 The great thing about volunteering is that you feel really good, and generally people are really grateful because you are there, so they are much more forgiving than they would be in other situations. Good luck


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