Getting By


Figured I should probably post an update since my last entry was kind of depressing. I’ve been through some low times recently, not bad enough that I was actively going to commit suicide but I felt close at one point. Things have been a bit better this week though thankfully. I actually managed to cook and eat my dinner in the kitchen today with a few of my flatmates (I usually take it into my room to eat) and we played cards for a while afterwards. I feel more comfortable around 2 or 3 others than when we are in a big group together.

I hope I can get myself to spend more time with them and hopefully not seem so stuck up or weird, but it’s hard when they spend so much of the time drunk. I’m not having any luck finding someone to talk to in my classes either, oh well.


8 thoughts on “Getting By

  1. Good to see u’ve been having some good days recently. hopefully they will continue. i suppose the more group dinners u have the more likely ull be to make friends.

    keep on doing ur best. how have ur courses been going? hope ur enjoying classes.


  2. It’s good to hear from you. I understand your frustration when people are getting drunk all the time, but I hope you manage to have a few nice evenings eating with your housemates in the kitchen. I think that eating together makes a lot of difference. How is the course work going?


  3. Ivy

    I understand how your feeling. I feel that way quite often thanks to my social anxiety and its related upset. This is the first time I’ve read your blog but I wanted to say how brave I think you are. I’m 19 next month and I’m in my third year of college and I cannot build up the confidence to go to university or even the energy to get good marks.It’s hard enough just attending college every day. Well done for trying, and for trying with your flatmates, good luck :]


  4. Nick

    I will have to update it, thanks uncensoredmind.

    My course work is going quite well so far, I got 80% on the first piece I handed in which I was pleased with 🙂

    I know how you feel Ivy, it’s so much effort to face people every day and I missed a lot of lessons in college because of that. Thanks for your kind comments, I hope you can find the confidence to go to uni if that’s what you really want. It took me until I was 23 to get there but I’m finally doing it.


  5. Nick

    Thanks, it was just a small report that counts as 10% of my mark for one module so it’s nothing spectacular but I was quite pleased.


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