Second Week at Uni


I’ve been here a couple of weeks now and I think things are going reasonably well. It was a big change for me, moving out and living with 5 other people whom I hadn’t met before. I’ve kind of settled in a bit more now, something I was worried would never happen. I don’t know if it’s the medication or not but I seem to be a little less anxious. I’ve managed to find my way around alright which is good since I have a terrible fear of getting lost and looking stupid.

The only thing I am disappointed with myself about so far is that I haven’t managed to make any friends yet. I tried talking to a girl in my class (the first time I can remember myself actually starting a conversation with a stranger) and she seemed really nice but since then I get the feeling she doesn’t want me to be around. I made a fool of myself the other day so I’m reluctant to talk to her again. Everyone else seems to already have formed groups and once again I’m on the outside but hopefully I will get to talk to people in my classes a bit more when we have workshops, rather than just lectures.

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who wished me well with my university stuff, I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement from my friend SM and also the lovely people who helped me when I was feeling at my lowest a few weeks ago. Not much interesting stuff has happened this week really so I apologise for the lack of posts.


4 thoughts on “Second Week at Uni

  1. Hey
    It’s really good to hear that uni’s going well and please don’t worry too much about making amazing friends right a way. Some of the best friends I made in first year were the ones I met later in the year. And well done on talking to that girl, that is a big step and you should be proud of yourself! Hope halls is working out well too.


  2. Hi Nick,

    oh im so happy to hear uve been coping. u seem to be managing quite well and im happy for u. u are doing well and should be very proud of urself. u will make friends …. uve only been there a few weeks. u have lots more time and lots more progress to make.

    good luck and keep in touch 🙂

    p.s. remember to keep the positivity page going so ull have it when u need encouragement


  3. Mina

    I’m glad that you’re finding Uni ok, and I’m very glad that you feel less anxious and were able to talk to that girl. 🙂
    Good luck with workshops and all that, and I hope that you continue to like it and not be so anxious.


  4. Jules

    Your writing gives me a lot of strength its comforting to know there are others with the same problem – each day can feel like a mountain to climb and I understand entirely how you felt in that club!! Please keep writing as its really helpful for me. I suffer the same issues at work and both of my kids have always had huge difficulties making friends – my daughter started Uni today and I am so frightened for her. There must be dozens of young people feeling just the same. x


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