New Meds


Went to the GP to get my new meds, venlafaxine (generic Effexor) yesterday. I have to start taking them tonight, not sure what to expect but I’m hoping there aren’t too many side effects. I wasn’t too bad when I first started citalopram so hopefully I’ll be ok this time too.

I had my last appointment with my MHP this morning as well which was sad because I had come to trust her more than I first expected and she seemed to understand me quite well. Apparently I seemed more “animated” and made more eye contact than usual and she seemed to think I looked a lot better than last time we saw each other. I spoke to her about possibly having meds for my anxiety and told her about how the psychiatrist I saw at A&E said I would benefit from having some diazepam for when I go to uni and she agreed that it would be good. She said I should definitely talk to the psychiatrist about it. They phoned this morning and asked me to come in Friday so I should have a chance to ask them before I go, I don’t know how receptive they will be to it though.

Apologies for the boring post but I don’t have much to write about at the moment. I’m trying to keep myself occupied until this Sunday when I move out :-O


9 thoughts on “New Meds

  1. Hiya
    It’s not a boring post! It’s good to hear you sounding positive. I hope they do give you some diazepam for uni.
    I’m on venlefaxine, and there aren’t any bad side affects that I’ve noticed, as long as you remember to take them every day – if you miss a day then you’ll know about it! Other than that I find that they work well & don’t cause me any problems.
    Take care


  2. uncensoredmind

    Nick, im really happy to hear that all these changes have been going on which seem to be positive ones.

    i really do hope the new drugs work and that you’ll be able to feel better soon. i hope ur good streak continues.


  3. Mina

    Any post is good post, and it’s nice to hear you sounding more up-beat again.
    I start again on the same day as you! 🙂 One word of advice though: don’t worry too much if you don’t like freshers week, things only get better from then on. 😀 Good luck with the new meds and with uni and everything.


  4. Alison

    I am tailoring off the Citalopram myself over the next few days and switching to Sertraline. I just wanted to say I hope you have some success and no side effects with the Venlafaxine.


  5. mspennylane

    Glad you are getting through things. I really hope that your anxiety will get less once you move to uni, I can imagine that the waiting and wondering is what makes it especially hard. Good luck!


  6. Thank you all. I’m 3 days into venlafaxine now and no side effects so far, physically at least.

    I have been feeling very depressed though, last night was particularly bad 😦 I think the nerves about moving are getting to me.


  7. uncensoredmind

    sorry to hear u havent been feeling so great. i hope its just the nerves. despite that im hopeful that you will be fine.

    good luck 🙂


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