Hospital Visit


I’m sorry for worrying people with my blog entries last night, I really did feel awful. Today I managed to go down to the hospital and get myself some help. I was feeling horribly low, and also very anxious but I got help from the lovely Emma and after waiting for 20 minutes trying to summon up the courage, I went in. After a long wait I ended up talking to a psychiatrist for about an hour, which was a great help and I felt a lot better after letting some of the feelings out. She was much more helpful that my mental health practitioner, I probably covered more in the hour than over 5 months of MHP appointments. We covered some relaxation techniques and talked through a lot of stuff about uni and I felt like a weight lifted from my shoulders. They gave me a Valium as well so it maybe that speaking, but at the moment I feel a whole let better than last night.

I want to say thank you for the comments and kind thoughts, I often feel like no-one cares about me but it was nice to hear them.


7 thoughts on “Hospital Visit

  1. Nick –
    Glad you are feeling better. Your last post didn’t sound good at all. When you are feeling really down – try to use a distraction. Sounds like you could use some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
    I was referred by my psychologist to get this CBT – to change all my horrible, awful, negative thoughts about myself. Seriously, i’ve been beating myself up my whole life in my head about how stupid and a mess up I am, when in reality I know those thoughts are ridiculous – but my brain is looking for stimulation and my psychologist said that i’ve conditioned it to be stimulated by negative thoughts. Positive thoughts are not stimulating enough.

    hang in there – please – you are so young. You have much to live for.


  2. I have been referred for CBT but it’s going to take up to a year before I can get it. Thanks for the advice, I’m feeling quite a lot better now.


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