My mum has had an argument with her boyfriend and come back home, great just what I needed. Now I feel a hundred times worse because I’m going to have to walk on eggshells around her. I can’t bring myself end it while she’s here.

12 thoughts on “Foiled

  1. heavyliesthecrown

    Nick I’m really worried about you after that comment you left on my blog 😦 I know this one sort of changes things, but still. I don’t know what to say except please please please don’t do anything, go to A&E if you have to, that’s where I’m always told to go if i’m suicidal. You know where i’m at if you want to talk about anything. Look after yourself okay? xx


  2. I’m sorry for worrying you 😦 I’m too scared to go to A&E, I wouldn’t know what to say. It’s ridiculous, I can feel this bad but SA still has a hold over me. I can’t do anything with my mum in the house anyway so it looks like 1 more day at least. I wish I could talk to someone but I already frightened one person away and I don’t want to do it again.


  3. uncensoredmind

    im offering to be a friend. to accept all u have to do is say ok. you seem to be longing to make new friends (me too) so im here if u want me.


  4. heavyliesthecrown

    Don’t worry about worrying me, I would much rather you spoke about something than kept it to yourself. If you want someone to talk to, please send me an email, I’d hate to think of you dealing with this all on your own x


  5. mspennylane

    Hi Nick. It is horrible what social anxiety does to people, don’t let it take you over. You really aren’t boring as this blog is a testament to. Just remember that, and remember you are there underneath that anxiety that’s taking over. You will feel so proud of yourself if you manage to go to university, even if you end up not finishing or whatever, you can feel proud that you are doing something now and that you are reaching out to others online.


  6. Thank you all 🙂

    heavyliesthecrown: I am feeling quite a lot better today, thank you for thinking of me though.

    mspennylane: That’s very kind of you, I hope that I do manage to go to uni, but I would be crushed if I couldn’t last until the end of the course again.


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