I’ve been feeling awful for the past week, I mean really bad – I’ve been planning my suicide seriously. As my university start date gets closer I can’t help thinking about what a disaster it will be if I decide to go. I’m going to struggle for money because I’m having to pay all of the tuition fee myself since they wouldn’t give me a loan for it. I did plan on getting a job as soon as I get there but given how hard it’s been for me to even be considered for an interview over the past 18 months, I wouldn’t hold out too much hope. Then there’s all the other social stuff, I don’t know if I can handle rejection and being a laughing stock to everyone again, I’ve had enough of that at school and work. The course itself is going to be hard, but that’s really the least of my worries.

My life will not be worth living if I can’t get a degree, I’ve already decided that I’m not carrying on living if I can’t go to university now. I cannot stand another year of this, it would be too much. I told someone this, and they said why am I not doing everything I can to get help and go to uni then? The truth is, like I said in my previous post, I truly hate myself and I don’t think that my life is going to turn out any different from the horrible drudgery that it has been for the past 20 years.

Always being alone and unwanted by anyone is a difficult existence. It infuriates me when I hear people say things like “I’ve been single for months now” as if they should be pitied. I have never been loved or found attractive by anyone, I find it hard to pity others when I am fundamentally disgusting and unloveable myself. I’ve never known the happiness of having someone care for me and having someone to care about, I haven’t even ever held a girls hand, let alone kissed anyone. Pretty pathetic for a 23 year old and I doubt things are going to get better, I simply become more of a freak with each passing day.

I don’t want to be saved, and I don’t understand why people insist that I should try to prolong this miserable existence for as long as I can. There is nothing to look forward to except more disappointment. Disappointing my parents with my failures, constant isolation, watching everyone else get on with life and having fun while I just sit here wishing to be dead.

I am a horribly bitter and jealous person now. I feel awful whenever I see people out with friends, and especially couples. It seems as though everyone has at least a little pleasure to look forward too no matter how hard their life is, at least they get to experience friendship and love. I know that I have things a thousand times better than most, I have a roof over my head and food to eat, but it is hard to feel happy when that is it. No living person outside my family cares whether I live or die, I have no experience of intimacy or sharing my thoughts with others. Most people would find it hard to imagine not having a single friend in their teenage or adult life so they probably can’t understand how crushing the loneliness is for me. I recently made a poll on an SA forum that I visit, and even compared to other SA sufferers, I am in the extreme minority because I have gone out to places with people (besides family) less than 5 times since I was 13. Someone there even made fun of me because of it, even to other socially anxious people I am a target for mockery because of my social inadequacy.

Tonight might be the night it all ends, I haven’t decided for sure yet. I’ll have to wait until my mum goes out anyway. Time to finish those notes.


7 thoughts on “Deterioration

  1. Fitch

    Hey … I just stumbled across your blog. I wish I could offer some sort of magical, inspiring words but I’m not really that articulate when it comes to these things. I am, however, a good listener. If you want an e-mail buddy please feel free to contact me.


  2. fearandselfloathing

    Hey there – Like Fitch, I have no magic words of comfort, but I understand the crushing loneliness of having no friends. Please please give uni a go – it’s often the place where people find life long friends (so I’m told – I have never been myself).

    Hugs x


  3. uncensoredmind

    hmm, i dont know you and would never judge you. but i think you need to stop for a minute and consider this – looking at the life other people have and wanting it will never make you happy. its never wise to see other people’s lives and want a life similar because you may never know what they’ve been through to get it.

    please re-think your actions.

    p.s. ive been looking for some new ppl to chat with ….. interested?


  4. Thank you, I appreciate the kind sentiments but this isn’t something I decided on a whim. I’ve already frightened and scared one person away by talking about this to them, and I’m reluctant to upset anyone else.

    I’m sorry, uncensoredmind; I don’t think I’d be very fun to chat with really 😦


  5. its never wise to see other people’s lives and want a life similar because you may never know what they’ve been through to get it.

    I realise this, but at the same time I can’t help but feel bitter and jealous that I have not had any friends, when it seems like every single other person out there has. I am not the worst person in the world, I don’t really think I deserve to be completely alone but that is how things are and have been for 10 years.


  6. uncensoredmind

    no one deserves to be completely alone. and trust me, i know what u mean when u say bitter ans jealous. but honestly, in my case almost every friend ive ever had has found a way to hurt me then leave me. so while i wanna make new friends i wonder if it makes sense.

    hey … doesnt matter if ur no fun to chat with … at least id have someone to chat with


  7. dharma05

    I am not one to say do or don’t follow through with your actions. I am a lot older than you, with different experiences, I can only say, I totally understand some of the things you are saying. I am not going to offer any advice or even words of comfort. When you feel this way, nothing helps. I am feeling the same way at the moment. It will probably pass, it usually dones, although in 2005 after bullying at work, I did make a futile and half hearted attempt. Ended up having a breakdown and 2 months off work. Can’t say, good or bad…I don’t know. Life is sometimes good, but lots of the time it feels like you have described. It’s hard, loney, bitter, and seems futile. And there never seems to be anyone to talk to. Since I have found out about blogging (only recently) I find I can at least put my thoughts doiwn on this computer. I used to write a journal but so laborious compared to being able to type. All I can say is…well, nothing, I wont’ say hang in there. I will just say, be kind to yourself if you can, (I hate it when people say that to me, as I don’t know how), but remember just one thing, people aren’t always what they seem, and it isn’t always our (yours or mine) fault. It is often them as well. Warmth to you. Vicki


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